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GPS track your children in Real Time, from your computer or via your smart phone with our free apps!

Numerous Features

Our child tracking device has all the bells and whistles, such as a Panic Button, Geofencing, Unlimited Text and Email Alerts, and location History. Its the best GPS tracker for kids!

Simplest & Best Pricing.

Flexible options. No Forced Contracts, Pay as you Go Available! No Set up or Activation fees.

Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Child Track 24-7 is of the belief that a child's safety is of the utmost priority. We know that no tracking device can
fully secure your child, but GPS child tracking is a huge step in assuring your child is always under your watchful eye.

Our GPS locator devices and GPS for kids provide you, the parent, with a very powerful tool in your parenting arsenal. We would
welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service, via the best GPS tracker for kids in the industry.
Tracking children for safety is our specialty. A GPS tracker for kids can make the difference.

What to look for in a GPS tracker for Kids:    You want to ensure that the child tracker you select is accurate and reliable.  What use is a GPS for kids if it doesn't work when you need it too, or if it shows a position that is not where your child is?    You also want a child tracking device that is small, and has good battery life. Technology is getting better everyday.  Its moving forward by leaps and bounds.  We at constantly scour over dozens of tech companies, the internet, electronics distributors and the like in search of the best, most modern GPS tracker for kids to carry on our site, making us a one-stop shopping site for you.  Getting a good child tracker can really tilt the odds in your favor, especially in times of emergency.   This GPS for kids is one of the devices you hope you never have to use, but are really glad that you have it if its needed.   There is no substitution for great parenting and an old fashioned eagle eye, but a GPS tracker for kids is a modern way to stay connected to your child.